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5 Ways To Market Your Brand

From a start-up business launch to an established corporation campaign – Fun Party Booth can assist you in promoting your brand in the following ways:

1Print Branding

Add your company logo to the photo. This will allow your company logo to be featured in every photo taken. This can be used during new product launches, taste panels etc.


2Backdrop Branding

With backdrop branding various product types or ranges can be used. Every photograph taken now captures the backdrop, serving as a momento for keeps.

3Booth Branding

This can be used to promote a company and their product range. A branded booth can also be used to support other events where you can serve as a sponsor.


4Social Media

Our photo booth is fully digital which allows guests and customers to instantly share their images online on Facebook, Twitter etc. using our customised touchscreens.

5Engaging Staff

To celebrate milestones, To celebrate success in training, To be used at conferences, end of year parties etc.


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